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U.S. Supreme Court Makes “Grave Mistake” in Refusing to Hear Chevron's $12 Billion Pollution Liability in Ecuador

Author: Amazon Defense Coalition - FDA, Published on: 19 June 2017

Ecuadorian indigenous villagers and their lawyer today said the U.S. Supreme Court made a “grave mistake’” in refusing to hear evidence that Chevron committed a massive fraud to evade paying a $12 billion Ecuador pollution judgment…

Statement from the Amazon Defense Coalition…:

“…Chevron will be forced by other jurisdictions to pay every last dollar of the judgment imposed on it for its criminal behavior in Ecuador.  We are disappointed but not surprised that U.S. courts once again have refused to deal with the pollution problem in Ecuador caused by a U.S. company… “ 

Statement from Steven R. Donziger, the longtime lawyer for the Ecuadorian villagers…:

"The refusal by the Supreme Court to address the fact Chevron fabricated evidence to cover up its massive pollution in Ecuador is a grave mistake and a sad reflection on the U.S. judiciary in the eyes of the world. That said, Chevron will be held accountable in Canada where courts have agreed to consider the overwhelming evidence Chevron bribed a witness and manufactured evidence to evade paying the Ecuador pollution judgment…”

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