USA: 3 immigrant women sue Corrections Corporation of America & US immigration agency alleging they were sexually assaulted while in custody

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19 October 2011

[PDF] Doe, et al. v. Neveleff, et al. - Complaint

Author: Lisa Graybill, counsel for the plaintiffs

[Full text of complaint filed by immigrants detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility operated by Corrections Corporation of America.]

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21 October 2011

Immigrant Detainees Report Nearly 200 Instances Of Sexual Abuse [USA]

Author: Elise Foley, Huffington Post [USA]

The ACLU of Texas lawsuit was filed on behalf of three women...who say they were assaulted by detention guards and officers...In each case, the victims say they were abused on the way to the airport after posting bond to be released from detention facilities...All three women in the ACLU lawsuit were held for a time in the T. Don Hutto Residiental Center in Taylor, Texas, a 512-bed detention center privately run on a government contract by private prison giant Corrections Corporation of America. The suit targets Corrections Corporation of America along with three ICE officials, a former facility manager of the Hutto facility, and a former Hutto guard.

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