USA: 379 businesses & organizations submit statement to US Supreme Court in support of same-sex marriage


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6 March 2015

Same-sex marriage briefs swamp Supreme Court

Author: Todd Spangler, Detroit Free Press (USA)

With the U.S. Supreme Court set to decide the legality of same-sex marriage bans in Michigan and elsewhere this year dozens of legal briefs…calling for the bans to be overturned flowed into the court…[One] brief was signed by…U.S. companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Apple [and] Microsoft…"Inconsistent state marriage laws impose an added economic burden on American businesses at an estimated cost of over one billion dollars per year," said the brief filed by 379 businesses and organizations…[A]micus…briefs were being filed ahead of the Supreme Court's hearing on challenges to same-sex marriage bans in Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee set for April 28. A decision, expected by summer, could help determine the status of same-sex marriage bans nationwide…The court is considering whether states are required under constitutional guarantees of equal protection and due process to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples or recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states…

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3 March 2015

Here are the 379 companies urging the Supreme Court to support same-sex marriage

Author: Alexander Kaufman, Huffington Post (USA)

Big business has come out in favor of same-sex marriage. Exactly 379 corporations and employer organizations urged the Supreme Court to strike down state bans on gay marriage, according to a friend-of-the-court brief…“Employers are better served by a uniform marriage rule that gives equal dignity to employee relationships,” reads the brief, filed by global law firm Morgan Lewis. “Allowing same-sex couples to marry improves employee morale and productivity, reduces uncertainty, and removes the wasteful administrative burdens imposed by the current disparity of state law treatment.” The list, provided in full below, includes corporate behemoths such as Coca-Cola Company, Goldman Sachs, Google and Morgan Stanley. It also includes brands like Ben & Jerry’s, a division of Unilever, and sports teams such as the New England Patriots, the San Francisco Giants and the Tampa Bay Rays...

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