USA: Amazon workers protest amid reports of high injury rates, demanding better working conditions for holiday season

Author: Tracey Porpora, Staten Island Advance, Published on: 27 November 2019

"Protesters rally for better working conditions at Amazon on Staten Island", 25 November 2019

More than 100 protesters rallied Monday night in front of Staten Island’s Amazon fulfillment center for better working conditions amid reports of high rates of injuries at the Bloomfield facility.

The crowd -- made up of some Amazon workers, politicians, and members of...local unions...chanted such phrases as “Amazon, Amazon you can’t hide. We can see your greedy side.”...

...Jon Westin, director of New York Communities for Change...[said,]  “We are here today to send a message to Amazon during this holiday season that you can’t treat workers like they do. The workers are not cattle. They are not robots. They are human beings,”

The protesters rallied for about an hour...before marching to the fulfillment center’s main entrance to deliver a petition of 600 signatures for Amazon to provide longer break times and MetroCards for its workers... Amazon spokeswoman, said: “Fewer than five Amazon associates participated in the event...It was obvious to the 4,500-full-time workforce that an outside organization used our building and the upcoming retail holidays to raise its own visibility and spread misinformation...The fact is that Amazon provides a safe, quality work environment...and the notable lack of Amazon employee participation, shows that associates know this to be true"...

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