USA: Appeals court allows lawsuit against 3 manufacturers over alleged groundwater contamination to proceed

Author: Thomas Gnau, My Dayton Daily News (USA), Published on: 26 July 2018

"McCook Field residents’ lawsuit over contamination of their Dayton neighborhood moves forward", 25 Jul 2018

Residents in a Dayton neighborhood will retain class-action status in a lawsuit against three large manufacturers, following a recent federal court decision.  The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed a federal judge’s decision to grant class-action status to a lawsuit filed by McCook Field residents against Behr America Inc., Behr Thermal Dayton, Chrysler and Aramark Uniforms.  This means the residents’ suit against the companies alleging groundwater and environmental contamination can go forward...A decade ago, 30 plaintiffs launched the lawsuit, which now covers 540 homes and properties in the McCook Field neighborhood.  They charge that Aramark and Chrysler contaminated the ground with carcinogenic volatile organic compounds, also known as “VOCs.”...U.S. District Judge Walter Rice granted the lawsuit class-action status in early 2017.  That status was the point of contention...

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