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USA: Chevron files claim to include Statoil as defendant in California climate change lawsuits

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3 February 2018

Chevron Wants More Companies Blamed in Climate Liability Cases

Author: Dana Drugmand, Climate Liability News

...In an interesting move that seems designed to hedge its own culpability, Chevron filed a complaint for indemnity and contribution against Statoil in December in the U.S. District Court in San Francisco.

...Statoil did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Chevron argues that since Statoil also produces and sells large amounts of petroleum, it should be held to the same standard of liability in these lawsuits.

...[An] environmental law professo... said Chevron appears to be appealing to the global nature of climate change in trying to implicate other fossil producers. “I don’t view the move as demonstrating a fear of actual liability so much as a strategic move to paint a more complicated picture about global contributors to climate change,” she said.

...Attribution science... shows that Chevron bears more responsibility for historical emissions than Statoil.

...The move is just another fancy way of muddying the water by repeating the tired industry mantra that ‘everyone is responsible for climate change, so no one can be held accountable, especially not us,’” [ said Kristin Casper]. “Chevron is trying to intimidate the court and delay the legal actions from going forward with this cynical tactic. ...

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2 February 2018

Fighting 'misguided' lawsuits, Chevron shows it can play the climate change blame game too

Author: Daniel Fisher, Legal News Line

Chevron Corp. has filed a third-party complaint against Norway’s state-owned oil company Statoil, seeking to include it in lawsuits by California cities and counties over global warming.

Chevron describes the lawsuits as a “misguided attempt to blame Chevron’s production and promotion of fossil fuels for global climate change” but says if it’s liable for damages, then Statoil is too. The suits by eight counties and cities... name most but not all of the world’s leading oil and gas producers.

...Statoil was not immediately available for comment.

...Chevron cites the Tennessee Valley Authority’s argument in American Electric Power v. Connecticut, a U.S. Supreme Court decision that rejected state lawsuits against corporations over global warming...California’s nuisance theory “could provide virtually every person, organization, company, or government with a claim against virtually every other person, organization, company or government, presenting unique and difficult challenges for the federal courts,” the TVA said in that case.

Chevron said it may be looking for more companies to drag into the cases.


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