USA: Civil society groups call on officials to include civil rights protections in privacy debates & legislation

Author: Access Now, ACLU & 44 other organisations, Published on: 15 February 2019

We, the undersigned members of the civil rights and racial justice community, write to ensure that civil rights retain a fundamental place in the ongoing online privacy debate, hearings, and legislation... [O]ur groups have continued to raise the alarm as data security and privacy abuses have disproportionately harmed marginalized communities, especially communities of color:...

  • Employment discrimination through profiling and targeted advertising.
  • Predatory lending, such as for student loans and payday loans...
  • Facilitation of discriminatory government surveillance and policing practices.

Platforms and other online services should not be permitted to use consumer data to discriminate... Companies also should be required to be transparent about their collection and use of personal information in automated decisionmaking, and to anticipate and protect against discriminatory uses and disparate impacts of big data... [T]o address these concerns, any new privacy legislation should be consistent with the Civil Rights Principles for the Era of Big Data: stop high tech profiling; ensure fairness in automated decisions;... enhance individual control over personal information; [and] protect people from inaccurate data... Privacy legislation that does not reflect these values should be rejected.

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