USA: Ex-human resources employee sues Detroit Foundation Hotel & its manager over alleged racial discrimination

"Foundation Hotel plagued by racist staff, ex-staffer says", 29 Jan 2019

Management at the city's boutique hotel in a former Detroit firehouse is plagued by racism, including executives who handpicked staff by skin and hair color and who banished black employees from an anniversary party for being “too dirty," according to a civil rights lawsuit.

Twana Simmons, a former human resources coordinator at the Detroit Foundation Hotel, leveled the allegations in a lawsuit filed in federal court [on 29 January 2019]…

Simmons sued the hotel and its general manager, alleging racial harassment and discrimination and violations of the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act. She is seeking unspecified damages and wants a federal judge to have hotel supervisors undergo anti-discrimination training...

[A hotel lawyer could not be reached immediately for comment.]

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