USA: Federal Judicial Center publishes guide for judges of intl. human rights cases in federal courts

Author: David Nersessian, Babson College, in Federal Judicial Center International Litigation Guide, Published on: 26 June 2017

"International Human Rights Litigation: A Guide for Judges", Dec 2016

This Guide was written to assist federal judges in managing and resolving federal cases [in the federal courts of the United States] involving international human rights claims, and it provides a comprehensive analysis of all substantive and procedural issues involved.

A detailed analysis is provided on the Alien Tort Statute, Torture Victim Protection Act, and other federal statutes [in the United States].

The book also includes a model scheduling order for human rights cases as well as case summaries, tables, and research references…

The Guide was drafted to be neutral as between human rights plaintiffs and defendants, and thus should provide useful information for all...

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