USA: First submissions to National Action Plan consultation


In September 2014, President Obama announced that the US would develop "a National Action Plan to promote and incentivize responsible business conduct, including with respect to transparency and anticorruption, consistent with the U.N. Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the OECD Guidelines on Multinational Enterprises”.

The US Government invited stakeholder submissions on its National Action Plan.  Below is a list of recommendations submitted during the first round of submissions ending on 15 Jan.

For submissions to further consultations, see here.

To follow civil society input on the US NAP process, visit ICAR's dedicated website.


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24 March 2015

Businesses encouraged to engage in US Natl. Action Plan consultation

Author: Lee Caplan, Jennifer Fischer, Sara Schneider & Julia Lacovara, Arent Fox

"The US National Action Plan on Responsible Business Conduct: midway through the stakeholder engagement process", 12 Mar 2015

The stakeholder engagement process supporting the Obama Administration’s plans to develop a National Action Plan on Responsible Business Conduct (NAP) is well underway. Two stakeholder meetings have already occurred in New York City and Berkeley, California. Two final meetings will take place shortly in Norman, Oklahoma on April 2, 2015, and in Washington, DC on April 16, 2015. With the stakeholder engagement process now half over, your company or organization should know what the goals of the NAP are, how these goals might affect your interests, and how to get involved during the remainder of the outreach process...The NAP very likely will result in a change in US policy on corporate social responsibility. The extent of any policy change is unclear at this stage but will likely depend, in part, on the results of the NAP’s stakeholder engagement process.

The next deadline for written submissions is April 24, 2015. Written comments may be submitted via email to [email protected].

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16 February 2015

US govt.'s opening remarks at consultation on Natl. Action Plan (Berkeley, 6 Feb)

Author: Scott Busby, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor

"Open Dialogue for the U.S. National Action Plan for Responsible Business Conduct", 6 Feb 2015

In my time here at the podium I want to briefly discuss (1) why the U.S. government is doing a National Action Plan , (2) what we’ve learned so far from consultations with stakeholders , (3) and some thoughts on how we can make today’s discussion robust and effective for all of us here...

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12 February 2015

USA: Frequently asked questions on National Action Plan

Author: Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, US Department of State

"USG National Action Plan on Responsible Business Conduct", 12 Feb 2015

  • Q. Why is the USG doing this and what do you hope to accomplish with the NAP?
  • Q. What factors motivated the Administration to commit to developing a National Action Plan (NAP)?
  • Q: What will the NAP address?
  • Q. What topics will be included in the plan? What is on and off the table?
  • Q. What is the geographic scope of this exercise?
  • Q. Will the United States conduct a “National Baseline Assessment” (NBA) as part of this process?
  • Q. Which government agencies will be involved in this process?
  • Q. The U.S. NAP is on “responsible business conduct.” How will that differ from other NAPs that are focused on corporate social responsibility or business and human rights?
  • Q. Do you intend for this NAP to include legislative recommendations, and if so how will you engage Congress?
  • Q. How do you intend to address remedy issues?
  • Q. How do you intend to consult with stakeholders?
  • Q. If I can’t attend a consultation in person, how can I engage?
  • Q. Will you engage with foreign governments during this process and if so how?
  • Q. What happens once you publish the NAP?

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