USA: Hotel housekeepers face harder working conditions & remain lowest paid workers, despite minimum wage increase

Author: Corina Vanek, Arizona Daily Sun, Published: 8 October, 2017

“Flagstaff hotel workers: More work, fewer hours after minimum wage hike”

… After a 25 percent increase in the state and local minimum wage in, … [hotel] housekeepers say their workloads have increased but not their paychecks… [For one housekeeper] … her expected workload increased by 50 percent when she worked at the Baymont Inn on Milton… Hotel housekeepers are not considered to be tipped workers, so they make the regular minimum wage and keep any tips that are left in the rooms. However, [her] take home pay has remained at $350 per week because although she has more rooms to clean she is given shorter shifts to clean them… Workers… are easier to push around, [said housekeepers], because their lack of English speaking ability and possible worries about their legal status in the country… The leisure and hospitality industry – primarily lodging, restaurants and bars -- is Flagstaff’s biggest private-sector employer, employing nearly 15 percent of the civilian labor force in the city.

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