USA: Latino workers in Minnesota sue grocery store owners for racial discrimination & labour abuses

Author: Randy Furst, Star Tribune (USA), Published on: 28 November 2016

"Lawsuit alleges mistreatment, threats of deportation at Sun Foods, Star Ocean", 25 Nov 2016

...Martina Aguilar Aragon says Latino workers were paid less than their white colleagues.  And Susana Gonzalez says her bosses told her not to disclose work-related injuries at the hospital.  If they spoke out, according a lawsuit filed in federal court, their bosses threatened to have the undocumented workers deported.  The lawsuit accuses Che Ku and Leng Ku, described as owners of Star Ocean Food and several Sun Foods grocery stores in the Twin Cities, of mistreating workers.  The...complaint alleges that employees were locked in stores and a warehouse beyond their regular shifts until work was done, belittled and harassed, and underpaid for their work.  “I was treated as a slave”...Attorneys for the workers also pointed to documents prepared by the U.S. Department of Labor that back up the allegations.  The department wrote that it has detected “criminal activities of involuntary servitude”...The lawsuit...says Latino employees were treated differently than others at Star Ocean Food and Sun Foods groceries...The lawsuit seeks unspecified punitive damages and an end to the labor violations...

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