USA: Male applicants file class action lawsuit against Ruby Tuesday over alleged gender discrimination

Author: Joanna Fantozzi, Daily Meal (US), Published on: 29 January 2015

“Ruby Tuesday Sued for Gender Discrimination Against Men,” 27 Jan 2015

…[L]ast week, a class action lawsuit was filed against Ruby Tuesday for gender discrimination against potential male bartenders and servers, because a summer 2013 summer job listing, complete with free housing…, explicitly stated that the company was looking for female applicants only. The lawsuit claims that the internal job posting…violated equal opportunity employment laws from Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1991…According to the Oregonian, Ruby Tuesday wanted to avoid having to find separate housing for men and women…Attorney William R. Tamayo said…on the EEOC website. "This suit is a cautionary tale to employers that sex-based employment decisions are rarely justified, and are not consistent with good business judgment." Lawyers for the commission said that they contacted Ruby Tuesday to facilitate meetings to work out this misunderstanding, but did not receive a response…

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