USA: Mercy Investment Services challenges prison companies on their human rights standards

Author: Octavia Blanco, CNN Money (USA), Published on: 31 March 2015

“The activist nun reforming profit-prisons,” 28 Mar 2015

Some of America's most controversial companies -- for profit prisons -- have unlikely owners: nuns. Mercy Investment Services…is the investment fund for…an international religious order. The fund is managed by…a nun who…tries to use her leverage as an owner to reform the industry. "What we want is the establishment of a human rights policy at these companies," [she said]…[S]he wants the policy to be thoughtfully implemented, monitored and transparently disclosed to shareholders…GEO Group and CCA [Corrections Corporation of America] say they are committed to protecting the human rights of prisoners and detainees…Mercy has raised questions about food, housing and education for the detained children and adults. "We've also been concerned about legal access for people," [she] said…Mercy…introduced an investor resolution onto the ballot of both Geo Group and CCA, tying compensation to social as well as financial criteria…

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