USA: Netflix pulls production from North Carolina over anti-LGBTQ law

Author: Tracy E. Gilchrist, Advocate, Published on: 11 January 2019

North Carolina has lost Netflix’s business for the time being because portions of the state’s anti-LGBTQ House Bill 2 remain on the books... [Netflix] had initially wanted to shoot its coming-of-age series OBX... in... Wilmington, N.C. but South Carolina is being considered instead while any remnants remain of the hateful HB 2, which barred trans people from using the restroom that coincided with their gender identity and restricted municipalities' ability to enact antidiscrimination laws... “This tiny law is costing this town [Wilmington] 70 good, clean, pension-paying jobs and also sending a message to those people who can bring these jobs and more that North Carolina still doesn’t get it,” Pate [the show's creator] said, adding that the production was set to spend $60 million in the state where it films.

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