USA: Officials propose divesting from firms helping build the border wall


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3 April 2017

Mexican Archdiocese: Companies That Help Build Trump's Wall Are "Traitors"

Author: Deirdre Fulton, Common Dreams (USA)

…Denouncing President Donald Trump's proposed border wall between Mexico and the United States as "an open threat that violates relations and peace," the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Mexico City said Sunday that companies who profit from its construction are "traitors to the homeland."... "The wall is a monument of intimidation and silence, of xenophobic hatred." It continued: "Any company with the intention to invest in the wall of the fanatic Trump would be immoral, but above all, its shareholders and owners should be considered traitors to the homeland."…It is unclear how many Mexican companies have expressed interest in the wall…Mexican cement maker Cemex has said it is open to providing quotes to supply raw materials for the wall but will not take part in the bidding process to build it.Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua, another company specializing in construction materials, has also signaled readiness to work on the project…

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30 March 2017

Why Engineers Should Refuse to Work on Trump’s Wall

Author: Darshan Karwat, Future Tense, Slate (US)

…Who is going to build it? I’m referring to the engineering companies that will actually design and construct “the wall.”…[H]undreds of companies are lining up to build it—and that reflects the willingness of many companies to profit from divisive politics…But how much of the decision-making process will discuss the ethics?...Social justice advocates see the wall within a broader discussion about immigration, and engineers should, too…[T]hey should think of the social and political implications of the barriers that already exist between the U.S. and Mexico, and they should evaluate the social, political, and humanitarian implications in the context of another wall born of divisive politics—the one between Israel and the Palestinian territories of Gaza and the West Bank…In today’s political climate, engineers cannot remain passive…

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29 March 2017

The beauty pageant to build Trump's border wall is beginning

Author: Julia Carrie Wong , The Guardian (UK)

…Next Wednesday marks the deadline for the hundreds of companies interested in building Donald Trump’s signature campaign promise – a “great, great wall” on the US-Mexico border – to submit concept papers detailing their proposals…Matt Kaye of Integrated Security Corporation plans to submit a proposal...Notably absent from the list of interested contractors are any of the large, multinational corporations that would probably have the capacity to carry out the 1,000-mile, $21bn project…Such companies may be put off by toxic politics surrounding the project (62% of Americans oppose building the wall, according to a February poll by the Pew Research Center), and the difficult path to actually funding it…Lawmakers in other states, including New York, Illinois and Arizona, have proposed barring any involved companies from receiving state contracts. The city of Berkeley, California, has already passed a boycott measure…

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28 March 2017

Native tribe fear Trump's Mexico wall will divide them

Author: AFP,

…Indigenous people from the Tohono O'odham ethnic group dance and sing to protest against US President Donald Trump's intention to build a new wall in the border between Mexico and United States, in the Altar desert, northern Mexico…The US-Mexico frontier runs through more than just the deserts of Sonora and Arizona. For the Tohono O'odham with their eagle totem, it divides their people…These are their ancestral lands…Tohono leaders plan to take their claim against the wall to the United Nations along with other Native American tribes, said one of them, Mike Wilson."It is a form of human rights violation," he says, because it would deny freedom of movement to members of a tribe on their own territory…The Mexican government has also promised to support a case the tribe is planning to file next month at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights…

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