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USA: Serbians sue L-3 Communications, claim its MPRI unit was complicit in 1995 ethnic cleansing by Croatian army - L-3 says lawsuit is "without merit"

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5 September 2010

Serbian immigrants seek answers about the horror [USA]

Author: Ron Grossman, Chicago Tribune

Zivka Mijic…want[s] the tragic story of what brought her family to a Chicago suburb told in federal court…The class-action lawsuit recently filed in Chicago, to which Zivka is a party, alleges that American mercenaries were behind their suffering. As her lawyers see it, during the Balkan War of the 1990s, America began to "outsource" some of the dirty work of war and diplomacy to private contractors. They allege that behind the early morning attack that the Croats dubbed "Operation Storm" was…MPRI Inc…MPRI was acquired in 2002 by another defense contractor, L-3 Communications. Officials from L-3 say the lawsuit is baseless.

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18 August 2010

L-3 Accused in Suit of Training Croats for Genocide

Author: Andrew M. Harris, Bloomberg

Two L-3 Communications Holdings Inc. units were sued by ethnic Serbians who claim the company’s MPRI military consulting firm trained and equipped Croatian forces for mass killings during a 1995 offensive. The lawsuit against L-3 Communications Corp. and MPRI Inc. was filed yesterday at the federal courthouse in Chicago. The plaintiffs seek class-action…status on behalf of all Serbs residing in the Krajina region of Croatia that year. “Whether MPRI personnel took part in the genocide is not known and not alleged here,” according to the complaint. “What is known definitively is that MPRI provided the means that enabled the genocide to occur.”…L-3’s corporate communications department did not immediately reply to an e-mailed request for comment on the allegations contained in the complaint.

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18 August 2010

U.S. Mercenaries Accused of Abetting Genocide

Author: Robert Kahn, Courthouse News Service

A private U.S. defense contractor "trained and equipped the Croatian military for Operation Storm and designed the Operation Storm battle plan," which killed or displaced more than 200,000 Serbs in 1995…the Genocide Victims of Krajina say in Chicago Federal Court. They demand billions of dollars in damages from MPRI…and L-3 Communications, which bought MPRI for $40 million in 2000. "This is a class action brought by ethnic Serbs who resided in the Krajina region of Croatia up to August 1995 and who then became victims of the Croatian military assault known as Operation Storm - an aggressive, systematic military attack and bombardment on a demilitarized civilian population that had been placed under the protection of the United Nations," the 40-page complaint begins.

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17 August 2010

[PDF] Genocide Victims of Krajina v. L-3 Communications Corp. and MPRI, Inc. - Complaint

Author: Robert Pavich, Antony d'Amato, John Ostojic & Kevin Rogers, Counsel for the Plaintiffs

[full text of class action complaint filed in US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois]

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