USA: Sweatshop conditions persistent in California's garment industry finds US Dept. of Labor

Author: Michelle Russell, just-style, Published on: 23 November 2016

"California sweatshop a persistent problem", 21 Nov 2016

US Department of Labor found persistent violations of wages and workers hours at garments contractors in Southern California.Tthe Department's Wage and Hour Division shows that in 2016, 85% of the 77 cases it investigated in the area were guilty of violating federal laws...Ross Stores, TJ Maxx, and Forever 21 were three of the retailers whose garment were found most frequently at contractor workshops with wage violations. Dillard's, Burlington, Macy's and Nordstrom also had garments sewn at contractors found in violations... Ruben Rosalez...of the Wage and Hour Division said: "We have sweatshops in America. Our next step is to try and engage the retailers. We'd like them to do monitoring." 

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