USA: Three Square Market offers to install microchips in employees, raising privacy concerns

Author: Erik Ortiz, NBC News (USA), Published on: 3 August 2017

"Wisconsin Company Three Square Market Offers to Install Microchips in Employees", 25 July 2017

A Wisconsin company's plan to become the first in the nation to implant employees with microchips has observers wondering whether the invasive procedure is getting too close for comfort... Executives with Three Square Market... insist convenience... is driving the initiative... Privacy protections were among the concerns when it was first rolled out... [CEO Todd Westby] told CNBC this week that the $300 a piece chip isn't used for tracking people, has no GPS device...and cannot be hacked... Workers aren't being forced to enroll, although about 50 employees will get chipped on Aug 1... Vincent Conitzer, a professor of computer science at Duke University, [said that] while these particular devices taken on their own wouldn't necessarily be an invasion of privacy, the issue is a "very slippery slope...[and that] now is the right time to have a robust societal conversation about what we would like to see happen, rather than just seeing where things go and then realizing we can't go back." (refers to BioHax International)

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