USA: Tobacco companies’ request to rewrite court mandated public statements re health impacts of tobacco fails

Author: Lorraine Bailey, Courthouse News Service (USA), Published on: 11 February 2016

“Judge Slams Big Tobacco's Do-Over Request”, 9 Feb 2016

…[C]igarette makers will soon be required to make public statements about the health effects of smoking…The judgment found that the cigarette makers joined together to "maximize their profits" by misleading the public about the "devastating health effects of smoking."…The government…sought and won a judgment ordering the cigarette manufacturers to make corrective disclosures on cigarette packaging, in advertising and on their websites…On remand, a federal judge approved a draft of the disclosures that the tobacco companies were required to make.  The draft required the cigarette makers to declare that they "intentionally designed cigarettes to make them more addictive,"…It also required that they include a preamble admitting that a federal court found they "deliberately deceived the American public"…[The cigarette makers] appealed…saying such backward-looking corrective disclosures "force defendants to vilify and shame themselves for past wrongdoing"…[T]he tobacco companies filed a 40-page brief seeking to rewrite all five of the statements approved by the appeals court…"That is ridiculous - a waste of precious time, energy, and money for all concerned - and a loss of information for the public," U.S. District Judge Gladys Kessler wrote…"The…defendants are, once again, attempting to stall any final outcome to this long-standing litigation."…


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