USA: Workers call on Walmart to raise minimum Wage to $15 an hour

Author: Michael Sainato, Common Dreams, Published on: 26 November 2018

"'They Obviously Can Afford to': Workers Call On Walmart To Raise Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour", 19, November, 2018

The World’s largest retailer, Walmart, is far behind its competitors when it comes to a minimum wage;  [for instance], Amazon announced an increase to $15 an hour in October 2018. With a minimum wage of $11 an hour, Walmart workers are calling on the giant retailer to raise the company minimum wage to $15 an hour...Last month...members of OUR Walmart, a non-profit group that provides support for Walmart employees, confronted company executives...Walmart executives did not respond to OUR Walmart’s questions and calls for a $15 minimum wage at the meeting....A Walmart spokesperson...[said], “We have increased our starting wages by more than 50 percent in the last three years while also adding new benefits like paid time off, advanced job training, paid family leave and college for $1 a day. In addition, our associates continue to earn quarterly cash bonuses – more than $625 million last year alone. We have been very deliberate about our job offerings and we will continue listening to our people and investing in the training, benefits and wages that they tell us are important.”

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