U.S.firms in China awarded for social reponsibility

Author: Xinhua , Published on: 28 June 2006

U.S. firms Merck Sharp and Dohme (MSD) [part of Merck] and UPS China were given the Secretary of State's Award for Corporate Excellence on Tuesday...Clark T. Randt, U.S. Ambassador to China [said that] MSD China has been...helping the government to train healthcare workers and physicians in district hospitals on how to administer antiretroviral drugs. UPS China has benefited local communities through...donations to renovate the premises of the integrated primary and secondary schools in China's poverty-stricken country. The MSD and UPS China have shouldered social responsibilities and contributed to the community...A Chinese Association For Corporate Social Responsibility (CACSR) will be officially launched in August. It wants firms to take real action such as promoting environmental protection and helping alleviate poverty. [also refers to Nokia, IBM, CISCO, China Pingan Insurance Company, TCL Corporation, China Merchants Bank]

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