Uzbek migrant workers held as slaves in Russia & Kazakhstan

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16 October 2007

Slave Laborers in Central Asia

Author: Marina Kozlova, Business Week

Many Uzbek nationals leave their families and homes because of high unemployment rates and low wages in their native country and head to other former Soviet republics seeking work. What they find, however, is [sectors such as] construction, agriculture, textiles processing, and other service sectors.

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21 August 2007

Fighting Illegal Labor Migration in Uzbekistan

Author: Erkin Ahmadov, Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst

High unemployment rates and low wages in Uzbekistan force many to leave their families and homes to earn money for a living. In Russia, they cram sources of common labor...Many of them are not aware of legal procedures for labor migration, making for a large number of illegal migrants registered neither in Uzbekistan nor in Russia. All these factors create conditions for underpayment, complete absence of social guarantees, and bad treatment by employers. Cases of gastarbeiters being exploited, enslaved or killed have lately become quite frequent.

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