Uzbekistan: Human rights activist imprisoned for organizing independent labor union died in prison but news only released now

Author: Cotton Campaign, Published on: 29 June 2017

"Cotton Campaign outraged at death of Uzbek labor rights activist", 22 June 2017

...[L]abor rights activist Nuriddin Jumaniyazov apparently died in prison of complications related to diabetes on December 31, 2016, but this information was not made public until June 15. In 2014 Jumaniyazov and fellow activist Fakhriddin Tillayev were sentenced to six and eight years respectively on trumped up charges in retaliation for organizing an independent labor union. Jumaniyazov and Tillayev were falsely accused of human trafficking, tortured and convicted in a trial that violated fair trial standards. Allies had tried to send medicine to Jumaniyazov to treat his diabetes through his lawyer, but prison authorities prevented him from receiving the medicine he needed to survive. Tillayev remains imprisoned.

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