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1 January 2005

UNDP report on steps to address Roma employment discrimination in Central & Eastern Europe

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1 January 2005

[PDF] full report: "Employing the Roma - Insights from Business"

Author: UNDP, Ernst & Young, UN Global Compact (Authors: Team of authors: Ernst & Young Public Sector Group in consultation with field experts Mónika Nagy, Natasha Landell-Mills, Henrik Lénárd and István Grajczar)

[companies interviewed for the report: ABB, Electrolux, Hungarian Posta, Freesoft, Gundel Restaurant, Korosi Fisheries Cooperative, Whirlpool Slovakia, Svik, Krypton, Obnova, Rautenbach, Czech TV, VEBA Broumov, Novem Car Interior Design, Telefónica]

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