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[video] 60 hectares of land to be developed in Beijing suburbs: villagers refuse, houses were demolished and smashed [China]

Author: Radio Free Asia [USA], Published on: 27 June 2012

[Title and summary translation from original Chinese provided by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre] Since villagers in Sujiatuo town, Haidian District, Beijing, refused to accept the compensation offered by a property developer, they have been harassed and attacked by gangs, and had their houses forcibly destroyed. A villager said 60 hectares of farmland has been confiscated which affects just over 1,000 households. However, villagers have learned that the Municipal Development Reform Commission applied for funds to compensate 1,500 households prompting villages to question the whereabouts of the remaining funds. Villager Jin said, “Without reaching an agreement, owners of two of the houses vacated. A group of people dressed in black with axes smashed the doors and windows of the houses, and soon a Bulldozer came and pulled the house down.” Another villager, Ms. Zhang, said the government had built houses on farmland for their relocation, but those houses cannot be traded like normal residential houses. She said, “A real estate license will not be given. I have given up residential land, the house that I am given in return should at least be legitimate.” Ms Zhang said, they had been beaten by people dressed in black in recent days. They complained to the government and police, but they both refused to investigate.

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