[video] Argentina's Food Producers trumped by Soy

Author: Latin Pulse , Published on: 1 September 2009

[L]atin Pulse..focus[es] on the struggle between Argentinan food farmers and transnational soy producers. The soy producers bribe landowners and buy land inhabited by indigenous tribes such as the Toba, Mocovi and Witchi among others, and bulldoze the forest to plant Monsanto Soy...human rights lawyer [said]..the soy struggle may be the closing act in the extermination of El Chaco's indigenous tribes...heavy use of herbicides and pesticides is causing alarming rates of disease and deformities in surrounding communities...profit margins compel Argentina's farmers to grow [soy]...where...Argentina's food stuff's once grew. [also refers to Nidera, Cargill]

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