[video & article] Put an End to Blood Minerals [Dem. Rep. of Congo]

Author: Robin Wright, Time.com, Published on: 1 November 2011

Armed militias and the Congolese army are waging a war that spans more than a decade, fueled in large part by the trade in minerals that are used in cell phones, laptops and digital cameras...5.4 million people have died because of the conflict and humanitarian crisis...A simple, baseline expectation of security...doesn’t even apply in Congo. There is no 911 to call if a group of drunken soldiers or militia burst through your front door...Congo’s war is an accountability issue for all of us...as consumers...Last year, the U.S. Congress passed landmark legislation...that will require U.S. companies involved in the minerals trade in eastern Congo to publicly declare the steps they are taking to ensure their business does not support the armed groups who profit from Congo’s insecurity. Based on this public reporting, consumers and investors will be able to choose to give their business to companies that are conscientious about working with conflict-free mines...

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