Video footage of Christine Bader presenting "Manifesto for the Corporate Idealist"

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2 December 2011

Manifesto for the Corporate Idealist

Author: Christine Bader in Huffington Post

Here's my proposed starting point for such a manifesto, based on my ten-plus years working in and with big business and the experience of other Corporate Idealists I've gotten to know over the years:1. Renounce the carbon offset model. If a company doesn't pay a decent wage and refrain from polluting, it can't redeem itself by sponsoring youth soccer teams or museum exhibits -- or even by creating beautiful, innovative products...2. Learn and improve the tools of business...3. Listen. Perhaps it's so obvious that a company should listen to its stakeholders that executives assume someone else is doing it...4. Build community. If you're the only one in a company fighting for better practices, it can be a lonely job...5. Share stories. Spreadsheets are important, but at the end of the day we're talking about people, not numbers.We have to keep reminding ourselves that every decision we make affects a worldwide supply chain of real human beings.[refers to Apple]

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23 November 2011

[video] Manifesto for the Corporate Idealist

Author: TEDxHunterCCS

[Transcript:]...Big business can be a force for good…The interests of business and the interests of society could be aligned, given the right leadership, staff and resources…Despite all those years of work, I haven’t managed to eliminate human rights abuses linked to business…Today, I propose a manifesto based on my experience of working with big business…Recognising that the companies have the ingenuity and the drive to be the engine of human progress as they have been for centuries. But that they can also cause great harm to people and planet…

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