[video] Foreign & Commonwealth Office Human Rights Annual Report 2007 [segment on private security companies - begins at 57:00]

Author: UK Foreign Affairs Committee - witnesses Tom Porteous, London Director, Human Rights Watch, & Kate Allen, Director, Amnesty International UK, Published on: 30 May 2008

Andrew Mackinlay: A predecessor Committee did a report on private security companies some years ago and we were also promised some legislation through a Green Paper. A Green Paper was published but nothing has happened. I would like your general views on the issue…Kate Allen: We are very concerned about the situation of private military and security companies…Amnesty would like to see is that private military and security contractors could be brought to justice in the UK for the crimes that they commit abroad, and for there to be complete transparency and oversight over the activities of these companies…Tom Porteous:…[T]hese companies tend to operate in places of weak governance and conflict where, if they or their employees commit abuses, they can get away with impunity. [refers to Blackwater, Dyncorp]

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