[video] LEUFU [Chile]

Author: Native Spirit Foundation, Published on: 24 January 2011

In the Cordillera of the Andes...Mapuche communities are standing up to defend their river - a source of life and spirituality – from yet another crime against nature. Norwegian company SN Power plans to build a hydroelectric power station, taking the water of 9 main rivers, right in the middle of the Williche-Mapuche region, threatening the future of local indigenous communities. The film follows the community of Rupumeika as they struggle to stop this multinational, ultimately trying to annihilate them from their territory in the name of "renewable energy" and “progress”...[During consultation with communities, Mario Marques, director of the Maqueo project says: [min 27] "I know we don't have any consent", and: [min 29] "We have a clear picture of how to move forward. They have a different idea. The question is are these compatible?...If the answer is no, then we close up and we all go home".]

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