[Video] Nepal carpet crisis pushing children into slavery

Author: CNN Freedom Project, Published on: 16 June 2011

Nepal is seeing a surge in indentured child labor as the economy is hit by a decline in demand for its hand-woven carpets...Bonded labor was officially abolished in July 2000 [and it is illegal to hire children under the age of 14], yet...the problem persists. "This is essentially modern day slavery," [former deputy executive director of UNICEF, Kul Gautam, says]...[A]bout two million workers in Nepal are child workers -- this accounts for one quarter of all Nepalese children..."Eliminating child labor is something that corporations should feel proud of," Gautam says..."They should consider it their duty and when they are successful they will earn a good name and reputation." [Video transcript refers to Palbu Carpet Atelier].

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