[video] Responsible business conduct by OECD NCP Norway

Author: OECD NCP Norway, Published on: 28 June 2012

Our most important tool for monitoring industry abroad is the national contact point for OECD’s guidelines. The OECD has created a set of guidelines to help businesses prevent injuries to people communities and the environment. They say do not harm, or do not contribute to harm. The OECD is an intergovernmental organization with the mission to develop better policies for better lives. These countries are committed to make industries aware of the guidelines. They have national contact points to deal with complaints on businesses that violate the guidelines…We in the contact point represent a unique mechanism. Our job is to assess complaints on breaches of the guidelines…People and the environment often lack sufficient protection. Anybody can submit a complaint to OECD’s contact point. It must specify the type of violation and be well grounded….We expect companies to take the OECD guidelines seriously…

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