[video] The Importance of Community Relations to the Mining Sector

Author: 3BL Media, Published on: 13 February 2012

[Interview with Irene Sosa, Senior Analyst, Sustainalytics] [R]isks for community relations are going to be higher in the future…reserves are becoming scarce for…most of the commodities…[C]ompanies are going to have to start getting into…higher risk areas…countries with poor human rights records or regions where there are indigenous communities that have never had contact with mining companies before…At the same time…communities are getting more organized and launching lawsuits or complaints before the OECD…There are more communities negotiating…Impact Benefit Agreements…those are enforceable formal agreements between a mining company and the community, and they commit the company to provide jobs, business opportunities, even training…[T]hat’s the case mostly in Australia and Canada…there is a legal or a de facto requirement that companies have to negotiate [these agreements]…[T]hose same companies are going to Peru…who are reluctant to get into similar agreements with local communities…

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