[video & transcript: a look at the investigations being conducted by Congress's Committee on Oversight and Government Reform] [part on Blackwater starts at 17:10 min.; to continue watching, please click on Part II. at the top]

Author: Bill Moyers Journal , Published on: 1 February 2008

Blackwater first came to public attention three years before when four employees were killed in Fallujah...REP. WELCH: What would each of you ask Blackwater to do to help you come to terms with the loss that you've suffered? MS. ZOVKO: Just the truth...MS. HELVENSTON-WETTENGEL: They showed such a callous disregard for life and now they claim we have no rights, that we don't have the right to sue them...REP. HENRY WAXMAN:...when we got the e-mails from-- internal e-mails from Blackwater-- it was clear that people in Blackwater knew they didn't give these boys the gunners to protect them. The type of vehicles that should've been sufficiently armored. They didn't even give them the map of the area...BILL MOYERS: After some of Blackwater's men killed 17 unarmed civilians at a traffic stop in Baghdad in September Erik Prince, the former Navy commando who founded the company, was called to testify. ERIK PRINCE: To the extent there is any loss of innocent life ever, let me be clear that I consider that tragic...I believe we acted appropriately at all times...since 2005 we've conducted in excess of 16,000 missions in Iraq, and 195 incidences with weapons discharge. In that time, did a ricochet hurt or kill an innocent person? That's entirely possible. Again, we do not have the luxury of staying behind to do that terrorist crime scene investigation to figure out what happened. [also refers to Halliburton]

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