[video] W5: Searching for gold at the end of the Guatemalan rainbow

Author: Paula Todd, W5 [Canada], Published on: 17 April 2010

W5 Executive Director…sent his four-person crew…to investigate questions about Canadian mining companies operating…in eastern and western Guatemala…At the Marlin Mine…[operated by] GoldCorp…local residents…claim the massive mining projects leave little value behind while sucking up their water supply, polluting what's left of it and leaving them ill. They point to skin rashes on their children and huge cracks in the plaster walls of their homes as proof. GoldCorp officials argue the mine is not the source of these problems…HudBay Minerals is refurbishing…a moth-balled nickel smelter and mine. But anger is still raw over forced evictions that took place in 2007...[and] allegations that women were sexually abused and raped…accusations that are strongly denied by HudBay officials.

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