[video] Yahoo! and YouTube: Balancing Human Rights and Business

Author: Rachel Davis, Susan Morgan, Ebele Okobi-Harris, Abbi Tatton, Julia Taylor Kennedy at Carnegie Council workshop, Published on: 5 October 2011

Ebele Okobi-Harris [of Yahoo!]: [I]f we're talking about privacy and free expression, there is absolutely no country in the world that allows for a completely uncensored Internet...Julia Kennedy [of YouTube (part of Google)]:...[W]hat we're trying to balance is a platform for free expression, which necessarily has to have rules. And what those rules should be. And how we strike the balance between being this place where everyone has a voice, a place for the free exchange of ideas, and a platform that's safe for users as well...[Video presentation: excerpt from "Iran, Tehran: wounded girl dying in front of camera, Her name was Neda." Warning: this is a very disturbing video.] Julia Kennedy: The name of the young woman featured in the video is Neda. She went into cardiac arrest and died during the 40 seconds of this video. The question is: Is it a violation of Neda's privacy to leave this video up on YouTube?

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