Video/Tintaya Dialogue - 'Putting Ourselves in Their Shoes':The Dialogue Table of Tintaya [Peru]

Author: BASESwiki, Published on: 19 October 2011

‘Putting Ourselves in Their Shoes’ tells of the rising resentments among community members to the operations of Tintaya mine [now owned by Xstrata]...and the way these came to a head when ownership passed to BHP Billiton. It relates the process by which non-governmental organisations...entered the picture, and the important roles they played...It relays the concerns of communities and their leaders, the pressures on the company...and how ultimately, all parties agreed upon the creation of a 'Dialogue Table' that identified key issues, principles and ground rules for an ongoing dialogue process that continues to this day. It conveys setbacks for both communities and company...and the ultimate achievement of...sustainable outcomes. This is the second in a series of three films...The first...'Making Monkey Business', involving a hydro-electric power plant and surrounding communities in the Philippines, is available on BASESwiki...The third film, based in Nigeria, will be released before the end of the year.

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