Vietnam: Villagers hold officials hostage demanding release of a dozen protesters over wind power plant construction

Author: Radio Free Asia, Published on: 22 April 2018

"Hundreds of Villagers Hold Officials Hostage Over Vietnam Power Plant Plans", 20 April 2018

Hundreds of villagers in central Vietnam's Binh Dinh province held five local officials hostage for a day before releasing demand that authorities free more than a dozen people detained for holding an environmental protest....

Residents of My Tho and My An communes...held a protest against...plans by Vietnam Trading Engineering Construction's (Vietracimex) to construct a wind power plant.

The villagers blocked a local highway and threw sand at police over the plans, which they said are a cover for a titanium ore exploitation operation that they believe will destroy local forestland through pollution.

Authorities broke up the protest and detained 14 people for "disturbing public order."

...[S]ome 500 people surrounded the local government office in My Tho commune and took five officials hostage....

The mob forced authorities to release the 14 people arrested....

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