Vietnam: Residents challenge unregistered sand miners over fears of landslides & property damage -when challenged, some miners assault locals

Author: Vietnamnet, Published on: 5 July 2017

"Sand exploitation out of control as violators threaten authorities", 06 July 2017

At a working session with Deputy PM Trinh Dinh Dung, local officials... asked for the right to exploit sand on a riverbed without consulting with local residents.

Under current law, to collect minerals, individuals and organizations must submit reports on the possible impact on the environment, and to dredge passage, they must consult with the local community. 

Local authorities said nearly all residents will say ‘no’ to the investors’ proposal to exploit sand for fear of landslides. 

...Deputy PM said local authorities must fight against unapproved sand exploitation which may affect the river current and riverbank and damage people’s assets. 

The fight between people and sand miners, who are encouraged by huge profits, has become violent. Two people in Vinh Long province were hospitalized...because they were assaulted by the miners.

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