Vodafone: 1st company to introduce global policy providing 10 days' paid leave to domestic abuse victims

Author: Maya Oppenheim, Independent, Published on: 5 March 2019

"Vodafone becomes first company to offer 10 days' paid leave to domestic-abuse victims across territories", 4 May 2019

Vodafone has become the first company to offer up to 10 days of paid leave to victims of domestic abuse on a global scale. 

The... company will apply the policy in markets across the world, while making specialist support available too.

The multinational says the new measure will give employees who have faced abuse at the hands of their partners time to seek professional help and counselling, attend police or court appointments, make arrangements to move house, and support their children. It will provide specialist training for human resources managers to enable them to support employees experiencing domestic violence or abuse...

Vodafone Foundation today launched a handbook titled “Toolkit on domestic violence and abuse at work”.

... director of Vodafone Foundation, said: “The results of our research shows the significant impact of domestic violence and abuse on people at work, affecting confidence, self-esteem and career progression. It also reveals how employers can help.”...

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