Wallis and Futuna: Rejection of seabed mining work welcomed by Pacific NGO body

Author: Radio New Zealand, Published on: 26 December 2018

24 September 2018

A decision by traditional leaders in Wallis and Futuna to reject work related to seabed mining has been welcomed by a regional body of non-government groups.

PIANGO director Emele Duituturaga said there were environmental concerns and also a lack of clarity around the financial benefits that resource owners will directly receive.

She said in the current geo-political climate and age of 'cheque book diplomacy' it is important for the voices of the people to be heard.

...Emele Duituturaga said the lessons and experiences of mining in the Pacific should be heeded when contemplating exploration of the seabed.

She said there should be a ban on seabed mining around the region, and that the same environmental and benefit issues surrounding terrestrial mining, exist around seabed exploration.



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