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29 April 2020

Walt Disney: company to stop paying hospitality employees while protecting executive bonuses and dividend pay-outs

Author: Los Angeles Daily News

“Disney to stop paying 100,000 workers but is still on track to give shareholders $1.5 billion”, 22 April 2020...

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28 April 2020
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Author: Дейкало Е. А., Гулак О. Н., Хлащенкова Ю. С., Воробьева Е. М.

Настоящее издание – аналитический обзор преимуществ, которые может иметь бизнес, если будет включать повестку прав человека в процессы управления компанией. Обзор является продолжением темы, издан в дополнение к Руководству [для бизнеса, государства и...

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22 April 2020

Fashion Transparency Index 2020 ranks fashion brands & retailers on social & environmental issues; Finds majority of brands lack transparency

Author: Fashion Transparency Index

"The Fashion Transparency Index 2020", April 2020...

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21 April 2020
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Author: Mi Bolsillo

“Disney World aplica licencia sin sueldo a 43 mil empleados”, 12 de abril de 2020...

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20 April 2020

Commentary: Will Covid-19 accelerate the shift towards stakeholder governance?

Author: Luca Giacalone, Board Agenda

[T]his crisis and its aftermath may make louder the calls for the adoption of a more stakeholder-oriented decision-making process at companies......

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5 March 2020

Youtube reportedly demonetizes videos about coronavirus; company said subject falls under "sensitive topic"

Author: The Verge

“YouTube is demonetizing videos about coronavirus, and creators are mad”, 4 March 2020...

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25 February 2020

India: Disney blocks John Oliver show critical of Prime Minister Modi

Author: Manish Singh, TechCrunch

"Disney blocks John Oliver’s new episode critical of India’s PM Modi", 25 February 2020...

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8 January 2020
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Verdeckte Ermittler*innen der Arbeitsrechtsorganisation China Labour Watch (CLW) haben im Auftrag der Christlichen Initiative Romero (CIR) die Arbeitsbedingungen in chinesischen Spielwarenfabriken, die für internationale Konzerne produzieren,...

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7 January 2020

China: Investigation finds labour abuse & sexual harassment at toy factories producing for international brands; Includes company responses

In November 2019, labour rights NGO China Labour Watch released a report raising allegations of labour abuses faced by workers at five factories producing for international toy brands in Guangdong Province, China. Allegations include low wages,...

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Company response
31 December 2019

Disney's response

Author: Disney

... In response to the recent allegations made by CLW, we coordinated with the Ethical Toy Program (ETP) to conduct a full investigation... at these five facilities... [W]hile results vary by facility, auditors confirmed that in some cases the...

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