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25 September 2019

Analysis finds Disney World employees are often subject to violence from visitors, including spitting and scratching; Includes comments from Disney

Author: Vanita Salisbury, New York Post

"Working at Disney World can be an abusive nightmare", 23 September 2019...

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19 July 2019

USA: Disney criticised for alleged poor working conditions in Disneyland resort

Abigail Disney, the granddaughter of Walt Disney has accused Disney of poor working conditions, after meeting with Disneyland employees to better understand their grievances about their work....

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10 July 2019

USA: 4 female employees file complaint against Walt Disney over alleged gender discrimination

Author: Sam Levin, The Guardian (USA)

"Four women allege discrimination in major Disney pay gap case", 5 Jul 2019...

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3 June 2019
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Author: Ana Benabs, France 24

« Disney et Netflix menacent de ne plus travailler dans l'État de Géorgie à cause de la loi anti-IVG », 30 mai 2019...

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7 April 2019
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Author: Hoy (Estados Unidos)

“Presentan una demanda contra Disney por discriminación contra sus empleadas” – 03 de abril de 2019...

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27 February 2018

Commentary: US businesses increasingly taking a stand on social issues in response to public pressure

Author: Derek Thompson, The Atlantic

"Why are corporations finally turning against the NRA?" 26 February 2018...

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30 January 2018

Disney & Walmart among co's partnering with UK Govt. to invest in new technologies to tackle supply chain slavery

Author: Umberto Bacchi, Thomas Reuters Foundation

A $23 million venture fund aiming to tackle the threat of forced labour in big businesses with the help of tech startups was launched on Tuesday, backed by brands from Disney to Walmart....

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3 October 2017

Consumer Goods Forum releases new booklet highlighting positive actions of businesses tackling forced labour in global supply chains

Author: Consumer Goods Forum

The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) has...published the 2nd edition of its Business Actions Against Forced Labour booklet, highlighting the positive actions of CGF members as they tackle forced labour in their global supply chains. [Members of The Consumer...

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2 October 2017

The US Chamber of Commerce might not be what you think

Author: Corynne Cirille, Racked

As the nation’s largest lobbying group, the US Chamber...spent close to $104 million on lobbying in 2016... Over the years, intense public pressure forced many corporations to take a public stance on issues like climate change, equal pay, and...

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16 September 2017

B Corp movement should further integrate human rights to achieve goal of transforming capitalism, say researchers

Author: Joanne Bauer & Elizabeth Umlas, Stanford Social Innovation Review

Do Benefit Corporations Respect Human Rights? Fall 2017...

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