War Against Child Pornography on the Internet [Brazil]

Author: Fabiana Frayssinet, IPS, Published on: 28 November 2008

The Brazilian government has announced the creation of a web site to centralise the reception of complaints about child pornography on the Internet…The…"direct line between citizens," accessible from the web site www.denunciar.org.br, was created by the government in conjunction with the Federal Police and the non-governmental organisation Safernet…Tavares [Safernet Coordinator] and Oliveira [Under-Secretary for the Promotion of the Rights of Children and Adolescents] both say that for the law to be effective, the active cooperation of Internet service providers is required. Tavares mentioned legal action taken against Google… Google's…social networking site…Orkut…"…invites people to "share your videos, pictures and passions all in one place." In court, Google agreed to cooperate with the authorities by identifying individuals involved in sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, in response to a warrant. Furthermore, said Tavares, as a result of the trial Orkut…installed a filter to prevent users from downloading child pornography.

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