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3 September 2018
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Author: Dieynaba Kane, Le Quotidien (Sénégal)

"Projet de Code des télécommunications : Menaces sur WhatsApp, YouTube et autres", 1 septembre 2018...

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27 August 2018

Global Network Initiative report details human rights impacts of internet shutdowns & recommends involving businesses in advocacy against disruptions

Author: Jan Rydzak, Global Network Initiative

Since 2011, network disruptions and large-scale network shutdowns have become a widespread tool of information control. Governments in at least four continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America) have shut down connectivity or social media... ...

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30 July 2018

Ugandans oppose social media tax; say it will undermine freedom of speech & expression

Author: The East African (Kenya)

"Ugandan netizens unite against social media tax"...

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18 July 2018

Facebook establishes new policy to remove misinformation that could lead to violence

Author: Sheera Frenkel, The New York Times

Facebook... said... that it would begin removing misinformation that could lead to people being physically harmed. The policy expands Facebook’s rules about what type of false information it will remove, and is largely a response to episodes in Sri...

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31 May 2018

Facebook & Google first co's to face complaints of GDPR noncompliance over 'forced consent'

Author: Alex Hern, The Guardian

"Facebook and Google targeted as first GDPR complaints filed", 25 May 2018...

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16 May 2018

Commentary: FIFA & 2026 World Cup winning bidder need to implement human rights standards to prevent digital & labour rights abuses

Author: Peter Micek, OpenGlobalRights

"FIFA 2018: digital rights are (finally) playable," 16 May 2018...

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3 April 2018
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Author: Cadena Ser

“Así es la polémica ChatWatch, la app para espiar a terceras personas en WhatsApp” -2 de abril de 2018...

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23 March 2018

Nordea's investment in Facebook on hold over Cambridge Analytica controversy

Author: Sasja Beslik, Ethical Corporation (UK)

" Why Nordea’s responsible investment funds have dropped Facebook" 23 Mar 2018. ...

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22 March 2018

Sri Lanka: Facebook used to fuel violence against Muslims; inc. company statement

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1 March 2018
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Author: Frankfurter Rundschau

Im Streit um die Nutzung von WhatsApp-Daten hat Facebook eine Niederlage vor dem Hamburgischen Oberverwaltungsgericht (OVG) kassiert. Laut der Entscheidung der Richter darf der US-Konzern vorerst keine personenbezogenen Daten deutscher WhatsApp-Nutzer...

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