Where to find Business & Human Rights Resource Centre at the 2016 UN Forum

Below are the events that Business & Human Rights Resource Centre is co-organising, moderating or speaking at during the 2016 UN Forum:

Monday, 14 November

08:30-09:30:“Benchmarking: leveraging transparency to drive business respect for human rights in supply chains”

Room XXIII - Speakers from Anti-Slavery International, Humanity United (representing KnowTheChain), Nestlé, Robeco; Moderator: Verité

15:00-16:20:“Lessons from the field when implementing human rights impact assessments”

Room XX - Speakers from Lawyers for Human Rights So. Africa, Oxfam Brazil, Poder Mexico, Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business, Tierra Digna; Moderator: Oxfam America

16:40-18:00:“Leveraging the money: engaging investors, lenders and buyers to ensure effective remedy for communities”

Room XX - Speakers from Accountability Counsel, Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre; Moderator: Surya Deva, UN Working Group                                                                   

16:40-18:00:“Implementing the UN Guiding Principles in times of major political, economic or social change: focus on investment”

Room XXII - Speakers from Ecopetrol, Govt. of Colombia, Govt. of Liberia, International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran; Moderator: LSE Investment & Human Rights Project

Wednesday, 16 November

08:20-09:40:“Securing respect for human rights in the global transition to renewable energy”

Room XXIII - Speakers from Dong Energy, PGGM Investments, UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, UN Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples; Moderator: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

10:00-11:20:“How many more killings & threats? Solutions to protect human rights defenders working on extractives in Latin America”

Room XX - Speakers include Laura Zúniga Cáceres (daughter of Berta Cáceres), Govt. of Switzerland, Global Witness, Nuevo Dia Ch’orti Indigenous Association (Guatemala), Itaipu; Moderator: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

11:40-13:00:“How companies can advocate for the protection of human rights defenders and broader fundamental freedoms” ​

Room XXI - Speakers from Ben & Jerry’s, DLA Piper, International Service for Human Rights, S Group, Virgin Management; Moderator: Human Rights Ambassador of the Netherlands