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Why are human rights essential to a global climate regime?

Author: Ayeen Karunungan, human rights advocate, openDemocracy (UK), Published on: 13 December 2015

…The issue of climate change has long ceased to be just an environmental issue…Climate change has become a serious threat to even the most basic fundamental human rights…It has even become a threat to the very existence of some peoples…there will be no climate justice without human rights…Not everyone agrees on human rights, however. The Arab countries have been blocking human rights inside the negotiations. A row between Israel, the US, and Saudi Arabia broke out on Thursday because Saudi Arabia insisted on putting “occupied territories” as part of the agreement…Israel has occupied territories consisting of Palestinian territories on the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip so Israel’s non-support of ‘rights of occupied territories’ is not surprising…Earlier this week, Norway was also hesitant about supporting human rights, fearful that their citizens would have the right to sue the government the way citizens in the Netherlands did…

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