Why Are So Many Blacks & Latinos Fat? Research From Manufacturers Hides the Truth [USA]

Author: DiversityInc [USA], Published on: 22 February 2013

Are the companies that bring us junk food and sugary drinks funding feel-good research studies to mask what they’re really doing—driving conditions such as obesity and diabetes to record-high levels, particularly among Blacks and Latinos? Two recent studies in medical journals build on the mounting evidence: Food and drink makers are funding their own research studies that (not surprisingly) fail to reveal the health risks from their products that have been repeatedly proven elsewhere. At the same time, these companies are coming up with creative corporate-responsibility campaigns that hide the risks of empty calories behind campaigns for wellness, exercise, and support of Black and Latino communities—the very ones that would benefit most from replacing processed food with fresh choices...It’s not all bad news from corporate America...Kaiser Permanente and Time Warner’s HBO have...funded the documentary series The Weight of the Nation

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