Why private security companies are essential in post-conflict Iraq

Author: Andy Bearpark, First Director General of British Association of Private Security Companies (BAPSC), Published on: 2 March 2008

In post-conflict situations...Private Security Companies (PSCs) have become a sine qua non to support the reconstruction process...potential local providers of security...are frequently unable to meet basic standards of accountability...International PSCs have therefore become essential to enable reconstruction and economic development in post-conflict environments...The use of...PSCs...can however only be a temporary state of affairs...Regulation of PSCs is not optional – it must be mandatory...[PSC industry]...has to demonstrate that it is serious about its commitment to accountability, transparency and standards...BAPSC [British Association of Private Security Companies] members commit themselves to follow all relevant rules of IHL [humanitarian law] and human rights law...Furthermore, members pledge to avoid any armed exchange in their operations, except in self-defence...

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