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17 July 2014

UK: Payday lender Wonga to remove puppet advert to avoid attracting children, amid consumer protest

Author: Asa Bennett, Huffington Post (UK)

Wonga's Grandparent Puppets To Go After 'Grooming Children' Criticism, 14 July 2014...

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12 October 2013

Wonga denies tax avoidance as head of HMRC is to be recalled to Parliament over failure to collect £4.7bn from UK businesses

Author: This is Money (UK)

Payday lender Wonga was accused...of shifting parts of its business to Switzerland in a move that could help it to avoid paying millions in corporation tax...Corporation Watch claimed the UK’s largest payday lender had moved £35million of its UK...

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4 August 2013

Church’s Wonga debacle shows need for portfolio scrutiny (UK)

Author: Ruth Sullivan, Financial Times

The archbishop of Canterbury’s...condemnation of payday lending followed by news that the Church of England is indirectly invested in Wonga, a high-interest lender, is another wake-up call for institutional investors to know exactly what their...

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30 July 2013

Church of England to help credit unions to provide affordable loans & compete with payday lenders

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30 July 2013

Church of England to take on payday lenders

Author: Hannah Kuchler & George Parker, Financial Times

Britain’s booming payday lenders...have met a new adversary in the form of the Archbishop of Canterbury, who has promised to allow rival credit unions to set up on church property...[A]former finance executive in the oil industry...leader of the world...

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